Every day from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., you can pay a visit to our shop and taste our coffee as a guest, and get detailed information on capsules and espresso machines from our sales representatives or just make a call to our call center for free of charge to find answers to your questions.

Address: 29 Azerbaijan avenue (right across the Chess Club)

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Our coffee story

Take a cup of coffee and lend an ear to our story

Everyone, whose life meets coffee, has their own story with it. Our story is an adventure from Italy to Baku.

Espresso Club Azerbaijan, since 2018, has started on its business to inspire local coffee lovers for new stories and always to deliver good coffee. From the very first day, we set off with PITTI CAFFE, one of the biggest coffee producing companies in the world. We have made this renowned brand further accessible for coffee lovers who are fond of quality coffee.


Same quality but different story for each capsule

Our internationally patented coffee capsules have their own specific shape. These capsules are always made at the same size and ideal portion (5-7 grams of roasted ground coffee). Thus, you can always get your favorite flavor and coffee of the same quality.

Quality always will remain at the highest level while you are in pursuit of distinct tastes through these capsules. Besides plain coffee taste, Espresso Club Azerbaijan offers rich variety of capsules with hazelnut, vanilla and other tastes.

Our capsules are provided by the world-known brand PITTI CAFFE. It is noteworthy that, PITTI CAFFE is such a brand that it has developed biodegradable capsule within 24 months. The British Institute has endorsed this revolutionary innovation.

Gift espresso machines

Gift espresso machine and a cup full of surprises

Espresso Club Azerbaijan presents coffee machines for free. We only suggest you to buy regularly our capsules for one-year period and present you various types of espresso machines corresponding your purchase options.

These machines with varying types and sizes adorn your kitchen in office or home and appeal to not only your coffee taste but also your eyes.